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The Detroit Lions had absolutely no answer for the rushing attack of Dallas and Ezekiel Elliot Sunday. The ignited second wind and endurance of the Cowboys will be battle tested as the season moves along.

Sept. 30, 2018 - Source: Tom Pennington/Getty Images North America

152 total yards rushing for Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys will more than likely mean a notch in the win column. Dallas kept QB Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions Offense on the sideline for the majority of the second half forcing them into a quick three and out in the 3rd quarter. The execution kept the opposing Lions antsy hoping their defense could stop the Cowboys offensive onslaught. Even after the Lions had taken a 24-23 lead thanks to the work of Golden Tate, the Lions Defense was just too tired out there to hold the Cowboys out of field goal range in the final seconds. Dallas will feud against the Texans next week on Sunday night in hopes to get the win and hope to finally put them above .500 this season.

Sept. 30, 2018 - Source: Tom Pennington/Getty Images North America

The frustrating talent that is the Detroit Lions have to reflect on their offensive inconsistencies as the culprit for their losses. A punctured Patriots defense kept Detroit under 17 points in the 1st half last week and the struggling Dallas Cowboys defense did the exact same thing until the 4th quarter Sunday afternoon. The Lions rushing defense is now undoubtedly the weakness of the team and if the strength of Detroit is Matthew Stafford he needs to assert the weaponry that he has to establish at least 14 points per game in the 1st half. That is if the Lions plan on being contenders in a rough NFC North this season.

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